Glass Pool Fencing

Are you looking for high-quality glass pool fencing service provider in Brisbane? Brisbane Glass Fencing offers the best quality glass pool fencing that comply with Australian standards. We can help you create designs that any architect or interior designer in Queensland will be proud of.

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? If you are looking for fencing options, glass is by far the best material to bring out the best in an outdoor space. Glass pool fencing can easily jazz up your pool space while adding a layer of safety. For homeowners, builders and architects, glass offers a safety barrier and a stylish alternative to wood, iron, and aluminium fences.

Besides creating a beautiful aesthetic for your outdoor space, glass pool fencing Brisbane offers the following benefits:  

Enhanced safety

Glass pool fencing prevents unsafe access to the swimming pool, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. It prevents your children and pets from getting into the pool unsupervised, giving you greater peace of mind.

At Brisbane Glass Fencing, we offer laminated or toughened glass panels for extra strength and safety. Since the glass is sleek, it becomes difficult for your children to climb over. However, it gives you a clear view for monitoring the pool area. You will be able to see what’s going on in and around the pool area without having to walk out there.

Uninterrupted views

The biggest benefit of glass fencing over other metal alternatives is visibility. By installing crystal-clear glass panels, you get an uninterrupted view of your entire outdoor space. When you have a luxurious swimming pool, why hide it behind opaque metal fences?

You can also opt for Brisbane Glass Fencing’s frameless glass options for better visibility. You get a seamless glass fencing design, enhanced visibility and no metal components to get in the way except the base.

Multiple glass finish options

Thanks to modern glass processing techniques, there are numerous designs and finishes to choose from. Whether you want to add a layer of privacy to your pool or enhance its aesthetic appeal, there are several finishes you can choose from. The most popular finishes are tinted and frosted glass panels. However, if you are looking for something different, you can also choose from our wide variety of decorative glass patterns. Whatever be your choice, at Brisbane Glass Fencing, we are sure you will find something you love.

Low maintenance

Maintenance is always a key factor when selecting materials for a design project. If you are looking for something that requires very little upkeep, glass is a great option. Glass can easily handle wet conditions, is resilient against elements, and requires no protective coating or painting.

Glass pool fencing is also amazingly easy to clean. You do not need any special products; a glass cleaner spray and cloth are enough. You can also coat the glass panels with a water repellent coating to keep them free from watermarks and calcium deposits.

Easy customisation

You can customise your glass panels as you like. No matter what bespoke pool design you have, our glass panels can be customised to fit any design. At Brisbane Glass Fencing, we offer glass pool fencing for all swimming pool dimensions.


It is very useful since it significantly improves the value of your property.


Besides being aesthetically attractive and creating a connection to the natural world, there are many benefits to adding custom glass to your home design.


You get a seamless glass fencing design, enhanced visibility and no metal components to get in the way except the base.

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