Glass Balustrades

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Many buildings use balustrades as support to balconies and staircases. Although balustrades are available in many options, such as iron and steel, choosing glass could be a great option. Frameless glass balustrades have become extremely popular in modern architecture and interior design.

Glass offers countless benefits, such as: 

It creates the illusion of more space

The main reason behind glass being so popular is that it helps make your house look more spacious. The illusion of a bigger space that clear, see-through glass offers cannot be achieved with other materials such as metal, chrome, or iron. By using a glass balustrade for elevated areas or stairs, you can enjoy a transparent border, creating an open and more expansive atmosphere.

It does not block light

Glass balustrades allow light to shine through. With more natural light, your house feels a lot more open and airy indoors. Installing a glass balustrade in line with your windows creates a very modern ethereal look. That is because natural light can freely pour inside, unlike other materials. If you are contemplating installing glass balustrades on your balcony, you also do not have to worry about blocking out your view. You get a feeling of openness without obstructing your outside view.

It is very easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning and maintaining your glass balustrades does not require a lot of effort or special products. Any glass cleaning product available in the market can do a fine job. Also, glass balustrades do not need as much maintenance as other materials. You need not worry about it getting discoloured or applying paint every couple of years to keep it looking fresh. Glass balustrades will last you for several years without losing their good looks.

It is much more durable than you think

If you thought glass was delicate and easy to break, you are wrong. Modern glass goes through processes like tampering and laminating that makes them extremely tough and durable. Metals are prone to corrosion and, if not covered with high-quality rust-proof paint, will be rendered useless in just a few years. However, with glass balustrades, you do not have to worry about degradation at all. The high durability of glass makes it a worthy investment, and your glass balustrades will last you for many decades.

It is perfect for modern interiors

A big benefit of using glass is its ability to add a modern, sophisticated look to your interiors. It is very useful since it significantly improves the value of your property. If you are planning on selling your property, beautiful, modern interiors can ensure that you get a good deal. Beautiful houses tend to attract more buyers too.

It offers great design versatility

Glass balustrades are extremely versatile and go well with almost all other materials that you use in your new installation. Even if you use stone or metal for banisters and risers, the addition of glass will complement the overall look. You can also use opaque, textured, or patterned glass in many textures, colours, and framing options.


It is very useful since it significantly improves the value of your property.


Besides being aesthetically attractive and creating a connection to the natural world, there are many benefits to adding custom glass to your home design.


You get a seamless glass fencing design, enhanced visibility and no metal components to get in the way except the base.

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