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Are you looking for high-quality glass fencing custom fabrication service provider in Brisbane? Brisbane Glass Fencing offers the best quality glass fencing custom fabrication that comply with Australian standards. We can help you create designs that any architect or interior designer in Queensland will be proud of.

Home improvements should not only improve your property but also enhance your experience of living there. Swapping your traditional walls and doors with custom glass is one of the best home improvements you can make today. It will not only make your home more elegant but also change the way you enjoy your home. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on your kitchen table while admiring the fresh blooms in your newly visible lawn outside.

Besides being aesthetically attractive and creating a connection to the natural world, there are many benefits to adding custom glass to your home design.  

They are durable

When adding a new feature to your house, it is essential to assess its safety features. It is especially crucial when designing your entry points to ensure that your safety is never compromised. If you are replacing a traditional door with a glass door, the durability of glass as a building material is definitely a concern. Thankfully, modern glass goes through several processes such as toughening, laminating, heat strengthening, and heat soaking. These processes make glass extremely durable and strong, just like any traditional door.


You can use heat-strengthened glass to create walls, ceilings, and even staircases. The secret to its strength is that it is made by joining multiple panes together. The individual glass panes are joined so securely that even in the case of breakage, they hold firmly onto one another instead of shattering.

Today, glass is available with bomb-proof, bullet-proof, and even anti-bandit technology. With modern glass manufacturing methods prioritising the structural integrity of the glass, the strength and safety of glass is no longer a concern.

They are cost-efficient and low maintenance

The initial cost of installing a custom fabricated glass door or wall may be slightly higher than a traditional wooden door. However, the benefits of installing glass far outweigh those of wood or any other material. Glass is timeless. It does not warp and cannot be damaged by rot or termites.


However, these are common problems of doors made of timber. Further, architectural glass is very smooth, which makes it much easier to clean. Unlike a painted wooden surface, there are no irregularities on the surface and little chance of dust accumulating on it. When it comes to cleaning, a custom glass door will save you a ton of time and money.

They boost your property value

A few tactical home improvements could significantly increase your property’s value. The best home improvements add value without disruptive or lengthy building work. Switching your traditional timber doors with custom fabricated glass ones boosts the value of your property.

The best part, it is not a labour-intensive process. Also, you don’t need any construction or extension. You can go one step further and use more advanced technologies. For instance, using switchable glass that turns from transparent to opaque can significantly improve your property’s worth.


It is very useful since it significantly improves the value of your property.


Besides being aesthetically attractive and creating a connection to the natural world, there are many benefits to adding custom glass to your home design.


You get a seamless glass fencing design, enhanced visibility and no metal components to get in the way except the base.

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