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Are you looking for a glass fencing solution for your pool? At Brisbane Glass Fencing, we can cater to your exact dimensions and specifications with sturdy, stylish glass panels. Contact us to check out our extensive range.

The Highest Level of Safety

Safety is the top priority. Our products, such as glass balustrades Brisbane, glass pool fencing Brisbane, and so on, offer the highest level of safety. We also believe in providing a safe work environment to everyone visiting, working on, or working near our job sites.

Excellent customer service

The customer is King, and at Brisbane Glass Fencing, we truly believe that. We go to great lengths to gain an understanding of our clients. We persevere to understand the customer’s needs, feelings, and the way they plan on utilising a space.

Another important factor for us is the safety of you and your family. We strive to improve our tools, training, and processes to provide the highest quality of customer service to all our clients.


Best Quality

For several years, we have delivered high-quality projects on time, through proper planning, coordination, and communication. We are not looking to just meet your expectations; we want to surpass them. The success and quality of your design project is our ultimate goal.


At Brisbane Glass Fencing, we have your best interest at heart. We move forward using the core values of our company to gain mutual trust to deliver what you need.


It is very useful since it significantly improves the value of your property.


Besides being aesthetically attractive and creating a connection to the natural world, there are many benefits to adding custom glass to your home design.


You get a seamless glass fencing design, enhanced visibility and no metal components to get in the way except the base.

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